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Do you need to automate an assembly line, fabrication line or optimize your process line? Are you looking for a way to render your equipment safer for your employees? Before going on to the design phase, our team of designers will take the time to listen to you and ask the right questions to determine your real needs. This step is essential to producing a solution that will correspond fully to your present and future objectives.



Once the plans are approved, the production phase can start. Because production is done in our workshops, we have maximum control over quality and cost . We use the most efficient methods and manufacturing procedures while respecting industry standards. Your participation is of course encouraged at each of the approval stages and we will make any necessary adjustments.



Once the production is finished, our engineers will proceed to assemble your new equipment according to your standards of satisfaction. You will be able to use it rapidly and without any problems.



Once the project is finished, our engineers will proceed to install your new equipment according to your standards of satisfaction. You will be able to use it rapidly and without any problems.




In order for you to take full advantage of your new acquisitions, our team will train the employees who will be using the equipment. In so doing, they will learn more rapidly and effectively, thereby ensuring adequate use of the equipment.



Your company is experiencing a shortage of staff? Our outsourcing service can meet your staffing needs. Our multidisciplinary team has a diverse industrial experience and extensive knowledge in their field of expertise. Ask our experts to carry out a mandate or project.



Of course, you’ll want your equipment to last as long as possible. That’s what we want too and that’s why our maintenance service is at your disposal. Their attention and care will ensure maximum durability for your machinery. Note that ease of maintenance start at conception. That is why our engineer team complies with all good engineering practice.



Having problems? Our special team is available at any time to assess your specific problem and make the necessary repairs.

Our staff can work at your service in your premises for the period of time required. Thus, our qualified staff can bring its expertise to optimize the development of a project. The skills and professionalism of our employees will meet sure your needs and provide appropriate solutions to your problems. Moreover, many of our customers can provide their positive testimonial about the effectiveness of our team!




Research and experimental development is really important to AMD. Thus, our SR&ED department is able to offer you excellent services in your local area or even in our offices as needed.



To help you meet the challenge of productivity, AMDINC offers a wide range of services, from the initial phase of a project at the last link in the chain of production. When you choose AMD inc. there’s no worry or surprise. The flexibility of our company allows us to respond to your every request.



Upon request, AMD can help you to determine whether or not a project is feasible by following this process

  1. Needs Identification
  2. Data and restrictions analysis
  3. Objectives Definition
  4. Financial Évaluation
  5. Plan proposal with budget and deadlines


Our Department of Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR & ED) is able to offer you excellent services.