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Today’s market is in constant evolution: open borders, increased competition, technological upheaval, etc. Businesses are faced with some daunting challenges. In order to face them, increasing performance must become a daily priority and, as we all know, performance means improved productivity.

It is well known that various factors can lead to better productivity, such as: Establishing clear and precise objectives, Having competent employees, Efficient, high-performance tools and equipment.



DYNAMIC AND INNOVATIVE PARTNERBanniere_AMD_reconnaissance_eng_03

Automation Machine Design RC inc. (AMD) can help you to increase your productivity. AMD specializes in creating and manufacturing custom-made automated machines. Founded in 1993 by an engineer motivated by improving productivity in business. His objective was to provide manufacturers with specialized high-performance equipment that will improve productivity.

From design to operation, AMD is committed to supplying automated equipment adapted to your needs
at very competitive prices. Improving your productivity is our one and only goal..

This is the challenge that the AMD team is ready to face with you.




As a result of its quality work, AMD inc. has received several awards :

2012 2009 2004 2001
Certificate of Recognition from Réseau InnovaXion to acknowledge the outstanding performance on the development plan of the enterprise. Excellence prize – Innovation and Technology category.South-Shore Board of Trade (CCIRS).
Honourable Mention – Vitality and commitment for local development and promotion of engineering. Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec Regional section Plein-Sud
Certificate of Recognition for showing significant integration of the best business practices in its management. Sous-Traitance Industrielle Québec (STIQ). Honourable Mention for the support of the ETS voluntary trainee program. ETS, École de technologie supérieure.


1998 1996 1995 1994 1993
Best job creation record Manufacturing and Wholesale Category Le SAJE de Champlain-Dejel. Outstanding Achievement Award – Manufacturing company with less than 50 employees Association des gens d’affaires de Saint-Hubert New Business Award Association des gens d’affaires de Saint-Hubert Honourable Mention – New Business Association des services d’aide aux jeunes entrepreneurs du Québec Raymond-Blais Bursary Mouvement Desjardins