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Automation Machine Design holds many certifications allowing its team to work around the world. These certifications allow us to provide our customers a guarantee that our equipment respects the highest quality standards and thereby, reduces the risk of incidents. AMD Inc. provides sound and efficient management of its processes in order to be recognized as an industrial automated equipment trusted supplier for your various automation and robotics projects. You will find in this page some of these important certifications.


Controlled Goods Program

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Electrical Standards
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“The Controlled Goods Program (CGP) helps strengthen Canada’s defense trade controls through registration, prevention, deterrence and detection. This is achieved by regulating the access, possession and transfer in Canada of controlled goods and / or controlled technology. The CGP is legislated by the Defense Production Act (DPA).”

Cognibox is a world leader in supplier qualification management and contractor management. Cognibox helps to reduce risks and improve performance in health and safety, the environment and sustainable development. It helps standardize the qualification process by implementing a centralized process.

We are certified CSA C22.2 No. 14-05, for the installation of electrical panels. Our team of qualified engineers can help in the implementation of the CSA Z432-04 in order to assess the risk of accidents on equipment and provide practical solutions through its line of products for these applications.

(Certificate 22926)

Controlled Goods Program (CGP)

Qualification and training management system

Canadian Standards Association

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